• Electronic Simple Injection Mold
    Electronic Simple Injection Mold
    Product Details It can be said that the rapid development of the plastic mold manufacturing industry is mainly due to the innovation of CNC milling technology. From traditional milling machines to three-axis machining centers, to today's five-axis hig


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  • Electric Rotary Actuators
    Electric Rotary Actuators
    ODL series electric actuator is used for controlling 0°-270° rotation of the valves and other similar products, such as butterfly valve, ball valve, damper, flapper valve, plug valve, louver valve and so on. It widely applies to petroleum, chemical, water


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  • Gasoline Engine Oil
    Gasoline Engine Oil
    Product Description This product has excellent antioxidant properties, and clean dispersion performance, effectively removing the sludge oil, varnish and carbon deposits of the engine pistons, cyclinder walls, sump and other parts and inhibiting the regen


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